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Please include year, make and model as well as a details description of the part you are looking for.

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     We are car guys here at ClassicJunkYard.com

     We always have something going on in the garage.  Check in every once in a while to see our progress.  Of course, when done, our projects will be hitting the local car shows and will sport ClassicJunkYard.com advertising to help spread the word.

Dave's New Gasser

       Dave has a full garage with his booming parts business.  He always has a car or two in pieces ready to sell on Ebay or at Carlisle.  But when he is not selling, he is wrenching on his El Camino.  You can check the progress here... Part I   Part II  Part III


     Kevin has a bad habit of collecting projects that never seem to get finished.  His F-100 is well on it's way and he is planning on rolling it out this spring.  Also in the stable is a 1969 Lincoln Continental which is just a cruiser right now.  It is getting American Racing Hopsters in 18" and eventually a paint job.

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