About ClassicJunkYard.com


About Us:

      ClassicJunkYard.com started in April of 2003 by Kevin Schappell and Dave Lehr.  Dave came to Kevin with an idea about selling classic car parts online.  Not another auction site, but a useful classified system where users could list an entire car, and part it out, piece by piece.  The site has grown to be a useful tool for restorers, hobbiests, and parts dealers.  We are always growing, changing and listening to our visitors.  We are committed to making this site something that is truely useful to you, our visitor.  If you have any suggestions, please see our contact page to e-mail us.

     Kevin and Dave are car guys just like you.  You can see some of their projects featured in our blog here

     Dave sells classic car parts full time, so if you are in the Eastern PA area, and have some parts or a complete car to sell, Dave is buying.  Be sure to call him at  570-527-3450 for a prompt quote on buying your parts.