Why parting out that junk car or truck makes sense.

If you have access to older cars that are beyond restoration, “parting out” is the best way to wring as much $$$$ as possible out of the vehicles before you scrap them. Your average scrap yard is paying between $.70 To $.90 per 100 lb’s as your junk car crosses the scale (if you haul it, If they pick it up, it’s much less or nothing). That means if you were to scrap a 4,500 lb 70 Impala 4 door, you would get $40. That same car, parted out will generate 10 times the money. Let’s say the body was shot and the body parts were not worth selling, you could still sell:

Grill: $20
4 side marker lenses & bezels which also fit 70 Chevelle $20
Radiator & shroud (fits full size Chevy back to 65) $50 
350 C. U. / 2 bl motor not running $125 ($300 if it runs, $400 if it’s a 4 barrel)
#772 clutch fan (same as Z-28 Camaro)  $75
TH-350 shortail trans for rebuilding $50 ($150 if it works)
Rear housing with differential $50 ($150 to $250 for 10 bolt posi depending on gear ratio. $200 to $400 for 12 bolt depending on gear ratio)
Steering wheel which was same as 69 Camaro, Chevelle, Nova, $30
Seat belts $20
Am radio $10 $30 for AM/FM $40 for 8-Track
head rests out of the bench seat (fits the Chevelle bucket seats)  $20
Arm rests (same as Chevelle) $10


$480 (Part Out a running 350 / 4bl car with 12 bolt posi rear and get $1100)

You can then scrap the car and still get $30 for what’s left. You also could take off all the parts you thought were worth selling before scrapping the car but I’ve found that “parting out” is better. From my own experience, I’ve discovered that 20% to 30 % of my sales when I “part a car out” are for things I didn’t know I could sell. These are things I would have left on the car when I scrapped it. Recently I parted out a 78 El Camino. I didn’t think I could sell the doors because they were obviously full of putty. They still sold for $75 to a guy who wanted to re-skin them instead of the ones on his car so he could continue to drive it. I didn’t think I could sell the dash pad because it was cracked but someone still bought it for $25 with the intention of putting a JC Whitney cover over it. That was an extra $100 which I had not counted on getting out of that hunk of junk.  

- David H. Lehr (Owner of ClassicJunkYard.com)