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Hot tip for finding classic car parts


I know a lot of the “scrappers” in my area. These guys dig up all kinds of goodies. I’ve made deals with them. If they find good cars or parts, they will give me a call. I’ll pay more than

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Tips for buying classic car parts at swap meets.


At smaller shows and race track shows, you should look for the vendors who didn’t come in a professional looking van. You want unprofessional looking venders. I avoid venders that only have rare, clean, high dollar items. They know what

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1971 Ford F-250 transmission question?


  We are currently stripping this 360 / 4 speed 1971 Ford F250 2wd. Does anyone know if the 4 speed truck trannys from these are worth anything?

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Classic Car Parts Buying Tips


When buying parts for re-sale, here are a few issues to look for. 1.       Air cleaners with a mouse nest inside often turn out to have rust pin holes because of mouse urine. Use a wire brush to check for pin

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Ford 351 Windsor engine for sale


  Do you need a good running 1970 Ford 351W? We’re offering this one for $400.

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Tips on researching classic car part numbers

Whenever I’m not sure what a part is, before I search through my books, I will Google the part or cast number. My typical search method would be to enter the type of part or car manufacture and the part

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Decoding Ford Casting Numbers


Ford had a cool cast / part number system that make identifying parts easy. The first letter of any cast or part number is a letter designation for the decade. A = 1940s, B = 1950s, C = 1960s, D

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1964 Oldsmobile F85 up next


  We are going to start stripping this 1964 Olds F85. This car was abandoned at a body shop 25 + years ago. Then the interior was vandalized  There’s no title and I think there is a lot of mud under

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Getting our name out there…

cjy_sponsor is sponsoring Chris Hollland’s new Big Diamond Speedway Road Runner.  Good luck Chris!

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350 SBC Engine For Sale w/ TH350 transmission


Do you need a good, running 350 Chevy? This 78 010 350 4 bolt main truck engine runs like a top. Sounded very strong. No smoke or funny noises. For sale, complete from carb to pan, w/ TH350 for $500.

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