You win some, you lose some…

skylark¬†You win some. You lose some. I had bought this 70 Skylark because some one had put a 4 speed in it. I was hoping for some rare Buick 4 speed parts. I should have known better after I saw the sun roof that the backyard engineers did a hack job. The shifter was a Hurst Indy with welded & bent linkage. The Z-bar was Camaro and to mount it on the engine, they drilled and bolted a big washer to the bell housing, effectivley ruining the bell. I knew they could not have screwed up the “Buick only” flywheel. Guess again. That turned out to be Pontiac and the “oveled” the holes so it would bolt to the crank. Even the starter had longer bolts with sockets used as washers make up the difference. Oh,… and the tranny? …… Vega. You win some. You lose some. At least the 70 350 4bbl Buick engine looks good.

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