Free Styling Tip for Classic Cars and Parts

TIP FOR FREE STYLING: If you are unsure of who to contact when you find that rusty gold, take note of the road or street it is on and take a mental picture of the property. Also know which county you are in. Then go home and Google the “parcel locator” for that county. You should be able to view aerial photographs of the area. Zoom in till you find the location. The site should give you a “parcel number” for the property. Then take the parcel number and go to the deed or tax section of the site. You should be able to type in the parcel number and get the name and address of the owner. Then simply send them a letter asking about buying old cars. It is easier than getting shot for trespassing or bitten by a pit bull.


This snippet of information is directly from Dave’s book “Classic American Car Parts”  get more great part picking information like this and learn to run an eBay business selling classic car parts by buying the book today.  You may not get a T.V. show, but you will have a business you love and more fun than you can shake a stick at!

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