Free-styling American Pickers Style for Classic Car Parts

   You could also drive around looking for cars like they do on “American Pickers”. This is what the TV show calls “Free Styling”. Since I live in the north east, I am a seasonal free styler. I like fall and spring. It is tough to spot cars in rural areas in the summer because of the over growth. High weeds and leaves make it difficult to spot or identify “old gold”. Winter snows can cover and camouflage what you seek. When the leaves are off the trees and the weeds are dead, this is your time to hit the road. Besides the visual aspect, there are also less bees and snakes to deal with.

   If you go out free styling, you will need a few things besides a full tank of gas.

1.       Make sure you take some cash with. You don’t know what you are going to find or the type of situation. If you are going on the hunt, you need your buying power with in the form of cash.

2.       Take a partner. You will need a second set of eyes because your eyes must be on the road. Also, you may need someone to call 911 if you get shot for trespassing.

3.       Take a pair of binoculars. Often cars will be well inside of posted property lines. Optics will help you identify what you’ve spotted without getting shot at.

4.       A flash light is a must have item. Again, you do not know where you will be looking or what you could be looking at. You could find yourself in an old building with poor lighting or in an open field, trying to look under the car to check the rear, frame, or transmission.    

5.       Bring your manners. When knocking on doors, be polite and courteous. If they say no, thank them for their time and get the hell out of there. If they say yes or maybe, you need to have respect for the land owner and their property during the negotiation process.


This snippet of information is directly from Dave’s book “Classic American Car Parts”  get more great part picking information like this and learn to run an eBay business selling classic car parts by buying the book today.  You may not get a T.V. show, but you will have a business you love and more fun than you can shake a stick at!

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