Decoding Ford Casting Numbers

Ford had a cool cast / part number system that make identifying parts easy. The first letter of any cast or part number is a letter designation for the decade. A = 1940s, B = 1950s, C = 1960s, D = 1970s, and E = 1980s. The second is a number for the year and the third is a letter code for the model. If the part number starts with C3A, then you know it is for a 1963 full size Ford. Another example is D5T which is 1975 truck. The model codes in the 1960s are as follows:

A = Full size Ford Galaxie or general Ford part that fits all models

D = Falcon

G = Comet, Montego, Cyclone

J = Marine & Industrial

K = Edsel

M = Mercury

O = Torino, Fairlane

S = Thunderbird

T = Truck

V = Lincoln

W = Cougar

Z = Mustang

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