1970 Buick 350 Engine For Sale



You are looking at a 1970 Buick 350 4bbl engine from a Skylark. The suffix code is SB. Factory 285 HP with 9.0:1 compression. The block is cast # 1382201. The heads are cast # 1233472. The intake is 1231924. The heads look to be freshly rebuilt (look at the valve train picture). Car had a 4 speed and still has the pilot shaft bushing in the crank. Here’s the story. Car was a drug seizure car from 15 years ago. I bought it out of the impound this winter. I feel this engine should be disassembled for inspection since I don’t have any history. Looks to me someone spent a bunch of money on this engine before the cops impounded the car. The engine comes the way you see it. The pulleys & brackets are being sold separately. Engine turns over by hand. A 1970 350- 4 with the good heads is a strong little Buick and very hard to find. All cast numbers are correct for 70 GS350 with the exception of the suffix code. $400 Contact us today to purchase.

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