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1975 Dodge Dart – Parting out 1967 – 1976 A-Body and 1970-1974 E-Body disc brakes.


This just in. Another 75 Dart. This one is a little rougher than the last and hit in the same 1/4 panel. It has disc brakes which will fit 67 – 76 A body and 70 – 74 E body.

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1967 Chevelle Steering Wheel in amazing condition…


Check out this near perfect, original 67 Chevelle steering wheel in a rare color.  

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1955 Mercury Tail Lights


These 55 Merc tail lights were found in the attic of an old auto body shop. Being out of direct sun light for 40+ years really preserved them.  

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1966 Ford Fairlane tail trim panel


This hard to find 66 Fairlane GT tail trim was just found in the attic of an old auto body shop. Because it has been out of direct sun light for years, the anodizing and color are excellent.  

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GM Jack Trivia


Did you know Chevy jack hooks from 1964 to 72 ID the model and year? ┬áSee, we don’t just try to sell you stuff, we educate!  

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